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Fri 8th Aug 2014 - 1:31pm General

The majority of players arent in the top 2% for competitive play, BUT they all like to be a part of it.

I would like to use LEGION eSports as a somewhat Halo Community where players can EASILY find someone around their skill to play with. (Put in your gamertag, it will pull your halo tracker rank and match you with a teammate around your level and skill based on the info)

Think about a site with features from & that is streamlined and tied together to make whoever is in LEGION or at least uses the site, feel they are a part of something. That will also work for arma as well! (find a squad or join a server)

If its LEGION Arma or LEGION Halo or LEGION anything else, it should be a place where people want to come back to. Which means we have to give them a reason to use the site. More use = More opportunity & growth.

Now the more support we have the more we can do. Tournaments, Clan Matches, Giveaways, Sponsorships, Ads, Ect.

We currently have almost half a million page views for our current website and I have 2 FULL spartan companies in halo for legion topping out at around 96 and 94 players each. Then we have 5 professional teams competing in the $2 Million Tournament

I have no doubt in my mind that the eSports will follow suit and be even bigger than our arma division because of the hype that Halo and the World Championship is generating as well as branching out to other games. Arma will always be our baby and we continue to develop content and great servers but looking ahead, eSports is the future.

I would also like twitch integration where we feature the streamers that are on board with us on a side bar or something that is visible at all times and will move to the top of the streamer list and light up a glowing purple with the red word live on their rectangular twitch player card & will be greyed out when offline.

That would really consolidate our place among one of the top sites to join and keep them coming back to in the eSports community.

The main point I would like to stress is offering something that no one has done to give people a reason to stick around. That is how the equity will grow.

If we made some boring old forum, Looking For Group page or some eSports team site, there is no reason for anyone to go there unless its to find someone to game with or to read news or download something they want.


Its time to make this happen.




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